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A site 20 years in the making.

Over 25 years experience in the TV delivery and communications industries led to the creation of this site and more to come.

Television Studio

Central Kentucky Television Online and the CKYTV Network have been planned for many years. 20 years ago, Jason Wilder, sent his first live video streams across the internet. Unfortunately, the internet at that time could not support the bandwidth required.

With the recent leaps forward with technology, especially with video and internet speeds, it has become a reality to start an online TV network. Covid has taught us for the need for a local network to keep us all informed and entertained. 

The CKYTV Network was created for and services Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln, Mercer, and surrounding counties in Central Kentucky. We feature locally produced programming whenever possible. 

CKYTV will soon be available on many platforms, such as Roku, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, Android TV, and as well as Android and iOS native apps. Take a look at what we have to offer.

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